good gifts

so, here goes nothin’! once upon a time i took the time to write. some subjects were important, others more just everyday thoughts. but the common binding of anything i’ve written in the past is that they’re all fun to go back and learn from.. to review where i’ve been and how far i’ve come. i suspect that the same will be true with this endeavor. please bear with me as i fumble my way through learning a new blog platform. it has been years and my brain isn’t any younger.

i’m comin’ to ya at the tail end of the weirdest week in the history of the past 18 years of motherhood. let me explain.. my 3 youngers were all away, serving on a missions team. originally, my youngest wasn’t planning on going on the trip. he’s a year younger than any of ours were when they first went on a trip like this. so, we were thinking perhaps next summer would be his time to begin going. well, low and behold, a spot opened up last week and our baby boy was asked to go. he jumped at the opportunity, and, from all accounts, has had an incredible week. (they arrive home this evening…i cannot wait to see them and hear all about their time!) well, that left only my eldest home. with him working full-time, my days have been quiet, but he’s been home in the evenings. my hubby and i were able to go to dinner with him, do a little shopping in preparation for college, and overall, just enjoy his company. never, in the past 17 years of his life, have we had a time like this with him. there is no doubt that God, Himself planned this for us. what an indescribable gift to have him one on one for this time..and right before he leaves for college next month. God gives good gifts. wrapped up in a beautiful box, and topped with a puffy bow, He presented this much needed time together.

life is so much better when we relinquish control and allow God to handle the reigns. i’ll admit, when we first considered the idea of our youngest going on this trip, i was a bit hesitant. he’s young! and my baby, for crying out loud! and we had special plans already thought through! what about me?! but then i realized that my thoughts were triggered out of fear, not out of trust. my instinct was to take control and not lean into what God was trying to accomplish. we had a choice to make, and only one was obedience. it wasn’t until after we’d made the decision to allow our son to go that we realized the gift God had offered to us in the midst.

i don’t have it down perfectly…that’s a definite. but i am learning, more and more, to trust what He’s doing. and that leaning in and learning from His guidance quite often produces good gifts.


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